Who We Are

The Church

Since 1956, Greater Christ Baptist Church, through preaching, teaching, worship and service, has inspired many people to experience the life changing power of  building a close, personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Mission Statement

Greater Christ Baptist Church is a mutually supportive Christian community whose purpose is the advancement of the Kingdom of God through preaching the gospel, nurture in the values and teaching of the Christian faith, consistent Christian living, and daily ministry both in the world and in the church.

A Ministry of Community Redemption

Community Redemption is the term we use to describe the theological underpinning of the ministry of Greater Christ Baptist Church. Community Redemption is an active theology, which requires that the work of the church extends beyond the church building into the community to touch and transform the lives of the people and the environment of our redemptive turf. In short, a ministry of community redemption means that saved people have a responsibility to turn around and save their surroundings.

Greater Christ Church Logo

Greater Christ Baptist Church
3544 Iroquois Ave, Detroit, MI 48214